So this where we are in 2012, a new TV show in the UK, called ‘Food Unwrapped’, dedicated to exposing the “marketing lies” of food manufacturers. The article at quotes show originator James Watt as saying, “Our aim with this program is to educate the public, to make them aware of the lies they’re fed by some manufacturers and to encourage change. It’ll be ultimately down to the consumer to decide whether they’ll continue to buy these brands, or stand up for their right to the truth in marketing and boycott the offending brands.” Why am I not surprised by this new and negative fascination with the food industry, it’s a trend that is taking root all across the globe. And you can take this to the bank, if the show catches on, we will see something like it right here in the United States. It has become so trendy to bash the industry. But maybe it’s me, maybe I’m one of the few who thinks the food and beverage industry, especially here in the US, is among the most innovative in the world. But this constant barrage of negativity from bloggers and critics is bound to take its toll, and this new TV show will just add to the suspicions many feel about the food companies and the products they produce. My advice? Marketers need to be certain, and honest, about the claims and promises they make to consumers, because there are people now, Truth Squads, poised to bring them down every chance they get.