I don’t have a problem with the Sugar Association. But I think it’s a stretch for that group to somehow portray high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as something sinister, that somehow it isn’t sugar, and that somehow it is a threat to the health of consumers, when there is absolutely no science (none that I’m aware of anyway) that gives irrefutable evidence to support the association’s arguments. But if that is going to be the Sugar Association’s position, then hells bells, let’s just start yanking everything out of the supermarket (or restaurants and fast food joints) that has sugar in it because, to listen to the nation’s health cops, sugar in any form, and from any source, is a stone-cold threat to the health of all kids and adults. Of course, I don’t buy it for a minute. I don’t believe any food is a threat to our health if it is consumed in moderation. I have defended the Sugar Association in its defense of sugar vs the gloomy spin of the health cops, but it’s hard to defend the wicked campaign it has waged against HFCS. I say both are sugar. One comes from cane, the other from corn. Like beet sugar comes from beets, sugar can come from a variety of sources. I think consumers get all that.