GM food? I ain’t losing any sleep over it

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I don’t sit here and ponder hours-on-end about the pros and cons of GM foods. Because I have yet to actually see research that says genetically-modified food is the bogeyman in America’s food cupboard. But I have seen research that says GM food is safe to consume. Even FDA says it. So, who to believe? I can only speak for myself, but I generally tend to side with the guys who at least have some evidence on their side of the table. What do the anti-GM followers in loony California, which has the infamous Prop 37 on its November ballot, bring up as the proof that sustains their arguments? Emotion. Protests. Threats. And if you mention the pro-GM research, they quickly brand it as ‘outdated’ ‘misleading’ and ‘paid for by Big Food.’ Well, it may be all of that, who knows, but I know which side has bullets in its gun and which one is firing blanks. But what’s the big deal anyway, we’ve all been eating GM foods for years, and, OMIGOD! we’re all still alive!. I’m just saying…


Stop the disabled! Is that the Walmart way?

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Of course Walmart can be sued for “knowingly” putting its payment machines out of reach of disabled people in wheelchairs and on scooters. Why? Because it’s California and you can sue Big Business at will, at any time, for any whipped-up, frivolous reason, and win! According to an article in Chain Store Age, “The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco by the Berkeley-based Center for Independent Living and two disabled individuals. They are represented by the groups Disability Rights Advocates and Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.” Fine, launch your silly lawsuit, but what bugs me is the use of the word “knowingly” in the complaint, as if the late Sam Walton’s first act upon creating Walmart was to tell his managers, “We must do all we can to make sure the disabled are not able to use our payment machines…” Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Walmart is all about selling. Why would it “knowingly” want to keep anyone from purchasing products in its stores? Sheez.