Okay, I have watched the Mary J. Blige Burger Chicken Snack Wrap commercial five times and I can’t see the “racist” connotation that has been applied to it. Not that it isn’t racist, but, being a white guy, I’m pretty sure the nuance flew right over my head. To me, it was just another boring commercial about another ho-hum chicken sandwich. Yet according to Madame Noire, a website that appeals to black women and which excoriated Ms Blige for doing the BK spot, fried chicken that is associated with blacks is deemed blatant racism by the black culture. Question: why didn’t Ms Blige, who IS black, pick up on it, refuse to do it, and save herself being scolded and Burger King being branded “racist”? As for you, BK, no, I don’t think you’re racist, but, hey, next time you push fried chicken, play it safe, hire Justin Bieber. And, oh yeah, fire your agency! Agencies are supposed to know these ‘racial nuances’ and protect their clients from such harm. May J Blige should never have been hired in the first place for this TV spot.