I just have to ask — how long before Kraft Foods feels pressured to come to market with a rainbow-colored Oreo cookie to celebrate Gay Pride? Recently, Kraft did what it thought was a good thing, showing the image of a rainbow-colored Oreo on its Facebook page to celebrate Gay Pride Month. But instead of being applauded, it is now being attacked by a smattering of critics on both sides of the issue. Some in the gay community consider the image a “tease” and have challenged Kraft to actually market a rainbow Oreo in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture rather than just provide the image of one. On the other side of this very controversial coin, anti-gay groups are hammering away for what it perceives as more proof of a decaying culture. To both I say, chill out. No way should Kraft have to introduce a rainbow Oreo in support of America’s gay culture, not when, according to a recent article in The Atlantic, less than 5% of Americans are gay. Not to say Kraft can’t, but I don’t know any major food company that would find a 5% or less slice of the demographic pie very appetizing. As for the smaller instances of gay opposition to the rainbow-colored Oreo, stop it, because what Kraft was doing was showing its support for “diversity” and “inclusiveness” … Gee-whiz, what a touchy-feely, and easily offended, society we have become.