If it’s true that marketers should never mix business with politics, and I generally think it is, then General Mills has shattered that dictum with a sledge hammer by aligning itself with the pro-gay movement in opposing Minnesota’s proposed gay marriage ban. It has willingly decided to engage in one of the most heated, most divisive, most controversial debates of our times. As might be expected, the bloggers and critics have exploded onto the internet with commentary both for and against General Mills … That said, I admire General Mills and their executives for having the courage to say what their company stands for, and then stand behind those beliefs. I suspect the company knows the statistics and that it is not in camp with the majority of Americans who support traditional marriage values. But that’s what makes what General Mills did so courageous. It is saying to these Americans, who are also the bulk of the folks who buy General Mills’ products — ‘We respect your right to think the way you do about this issue, but this is what we believe.’ So let the chips fall, but, agree or disagree, you can’t say General Mills lacked the courage of its convictions.