So now we know: man’s destructive ways started long ago, way long ago, like back in the Paleolithic age. So say scientists at UCLA who studied the demise of the woolly mammoth. And what did they learn? That the poor woolly’s were slaughtered by Paleolithic hunters, nasty little human dudes with spears and stone clubs. And, oh yes, by climate change, too. Mean little human dudes and climate change, a deadly duo. Now, fast-forward to today, mean human dudes are still around (only we’re bigger now and we’ve advanced way beyond stone clubs — we now have high-tech drones capable of bringing down whole herds of woolly mammoths.) But the climate change thing, that I don’t get. I thought climate change was a modern-day phenomena caused by cars, trucks, jet planes, gaseous cows, big industry and a host of other environmental hazards? What am I missing here?