Andrew Cheyne, a media researcher with the Berkeley Media Studies Group, recently accused PepsiCo of using “good old-fashioned advertising” in their ‘Pepsi Refresh Project‘, a social marketing campaign in which Pepsi delivered $20 million to community projects that received the most votes. Cheyne took issue with the part of the campaign where “…customers who purchased certain Pepsi products could get ‘power votes,’ giving their favorite projects a better chance of winning Pepsi’s cash…” In other words, OMIGOD! PepsiCo is marketing its products. Sinister, evil marketing, and in the minds of people like Cheyne, this neutralizes anything good that the company attempts to do. This is so cockeyed. It’s as though critics want the industry giants to focus only on being good corporate citizens and just forget all that marketing stuff. How is it so-called smart guys like Cheyne have no clue about the basics — PepsiCo is a food and beverage company, it produces foods and beverages to sell to the public; to sell these products it must market them. If it listen to its critics and just stops marketing? Uh, goodbye, PepsiCo!