Omigod! Okay, it’s not like I think today’s generation of young people are the brightest bulbs in the history of the planet, but I never thought they were stupid either. But now I think some are just downright stupid, or ignorant, or, well, hell, how else do you explain a survey of teens and young adults in the UK in which 40% did not know milk came from a cow? I’m serious. A British charity called LEAF surveyed 2,000 consumers aged 16 to 23 and came up with these mindnumbing results:
— 33 percent didn’t know eggs are produced by chickens;
— 11 percent thought eggs are made of wheat or corn;
— 36 percent were unaware that bacon comes from pigs;
— Young adults think beef cows do more than just produce beef; 8 percent though beef cows produce milk for humans, and 1 percent thought they produce eggs.
Beef cows produce eggs? Do you know what ought to scare the bejeebies out of the British people? Somewhere in this gaggle of 2,000 bright lights may be a future British prime minister who thinks we milk wheat and collect eggs made from corn. But look, I’m not gloating. America has its own share of burned-out bulbs. Who can ever forget this wonderful gem from former boxer Mike Tyson – “I really dig Hannibal. Hannibal had real guts. He rode elephants into Cartilage.” This is America, mates, where someone in a library once asked a librarian, “Why are so many Civil War battles fought on national park sites?” How stupid is that? Everyone knows you can’t get into these parks without paying huge vehicle fees.