I don’t know Todd Putman. I just know he’s a former Coca-Cola Co. marketing executive who has recently been talking to the media in less than glowing terms about the industry he once served, and the company he once worked for. The quote in today’s ‘On The Record’ is just a microcosm of the anti-soda criticisms he’s been handing out to reporters across the country. I’ve got to wonder what’s motivating this guy, other than he says he’s guilt-ridden for having sold so much soda to so many little kids and adults. Todd, chill out, buddy, you didn’t force anybody to buy or drink anything. This is America, free people making free choices, so stop with the self-flagellation. But I sure would like to know what turned you into an ardent voice for the anti-soda activists and a tough, harsh critic of your old boss, Coca-Cola Co.