Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York recently appeared on PBS and said this in an interview with fellow kook, Judy Woodruff — “We’re not taking away anybody’s right to do anything. All we’re trying to do is to remind you that this is something that could be, should be, is — not should be — is detrimental to your health, and to do something about this national epidemic.” Uh, sorry mayor, but yes you are taking away a right with your proposal to ban all soda drinks over 16 ounces. How is that not taking away people’s rights? How is a ban on anything not taking away people’s rights? If this goofy proposal flies (and in New York, it just might), then what’s to stop you from demanding that food companies downsize other packaged offerings of foods you and your gang of health nannies deem unfit for New Yorkers? This is just so wrong in so many ways, and it is good to see some powerful New Yorkers and the beverage industry itself lining up against the ban.