So the billionaire, activist, loon mayor of New York City doesn’t really care what the majority of New Yorkers say. A number of polls taken in recent weeks and months show the majority of New Yorkers want Michael Bloomberg to get his zealous, nanny state administration off their backs. And they are not supportive of Bloomberg’s war against soda either, and other foods and beverages the mayor and his goons deem unfit for human consumption. Yet, here he is this week proposing a citywide ban on the sales of sugary, super-sized drinks, i.e., anything larger than 16 ozs. would be kaput the Big Apple . Well, who didn’t know this was coming? The Big Mother Nanny of New York won’t be happy until he rids the city of everything HE finds distasteful or unhealthy, and to hell with what the citizens of his city say or want. This is a dangerous path we’re traveling, folks, allowing the nation’s finger-wagging nannies to dictate what we can and cannot consume. I’m just saying, ban soda, ban big cups, BAN ANYTHING!