So, Burger King makes the big announcement — it says it is the first major fast food chain to switch to cage-free eggs. I don’t know if that merit’s a standing ovation or if it just represents a desperate attempt by a desperate fast food chain to regain some momentum, now that it is No. 3 behind runner-up Wendy’s and pack leader McDonald’s. And does cage-free really mean what it did when nobody did it? I mean, there are more than a few food companies today who’ve jumped aboard the cage-free chicken/egg train. I guess the next big thing for the activists is to draw a bead on who’s playing it straight and who’s fudging. But even with that, does anyone really believe Burger King can rebound merely by stating its intent to use cage-free eggs? Its eggs are not why it was trumped by Wendy’s for the second spot. The service, the environment, just the overall cleanliness, now those are issues that BK really needs to focus on, and then it can toot its horn all day about the beautifulness of its cage-free eggs.