Jeezus, is the word “toxic” the chosen buzzword of the day now being used by media and other critics of the food and beverage industry to describe sugar? Because it seems like every bleeping day, some critic or nutritionist is writing or blogging about evil ‘toxic’ sugar. You know what toxic means to me? Rat poison! Bug spray. Pesticides. But not sugar, okay.  No one’s arguing that too much sugar is not a problem. Too much of any food or ingredient can or could be a problem. But the anti-sugar cabal goes too far. It tries too hard to scare folks with ominous, deadly warnings about sugar — OMIGOD! SUGAR KILLS! Uh, no, it doesn’t. This is just misleading gobbledy-gook, perpetrated on the American public by people and groups who won’t be happy until we’re all crawling on hands and knees through fields and pastures eating green vegetation and bonding with the farm animals.