Every day I scan hundreds of articles and blogs on the internet in search of material I think will be of interest to Morning Cup readers. I am amazed at the growing number of so-called Mommy bloggers who dominate this rising tide with their insights and opinions. Not always sweet and innocent mommy-kid stuff either, but often some tough perspective on companies and their products. And there are lawyers (e.g., Bill Marler, Michele Simon) also blogging, and their perspective on the food industry and its marketers is seldom laudatory. Food companies pay millions to market researchers to tell them what consumers want and what they are eating. There are some researchers who actually have cameras inside consumer homes to monitor behavior. That is all good and valuable insight, but who is monitoring this growing army of lawyers and moms and their often biting (and often wrong) commentary aimed at the industry? A lie or misleading perspective once spread across the internet  is difficult to contain, but it happens every day. Marketers need to be more attentive to this evolving sphere of influence. A company and/or its products can live or die on what’s being said on the internet.