I believe it’s too late to rehabilitate ‘lean, finely textured beef’ or so-called ‘pink slime’. True, big-time politicians like Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad are now on the warpath against the perpetrators of the pink slime scandal; indeed, Branstad wants congress to investigate what he calls a “smear campaign going on against a product that is healthy and safe.” Maybe so, Guv, in fact, I think it is so, but as the saying goes, the horse is already out of the barn and it will be difficult to shoo it back in. And by the way, where were you and all the other proponents of ‘lean, finely textured beef’ when this crazy firestorm first flared up? The guy who coined the ‘pink slime’ label, a microbiologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture named Gerald Zirnstein, used that term in what he thought was a private internal e-mail and somehow it got into the public mainstream. From there, the consumer groups took over. It is now viral and it is now frowned on by millions of consumers, So, how do you reverse that pink slime momentum now? You don’t. You can’t.