When I think of the trumped-up pink slime and squashed-bugs-in-the-drink controversies, I can’t help but think of the famous Jack Nicholson line in ‘A Few Good Men’ — “You can’t handle the truth!” Because right now I don’t think a lot of Americans want to deal with the truth, which is this: No food is 100% perfectly safe. None, Nada, Zilch. Zero. No such thing. You want 100% perfectly safe food, good luck finding it because I don’t think it exists. At least not on this planet. Which is not to say there is not good and safe-to-eat food available to us. It’s everywhere. But if we are going to question every bloody ingredient or additive in our foods, guaranteed, we are going to find something wrong. And all it will take is one emotionally-unglued blogger to pitch a gripe and the media will jump all over it and we’ll have the next great firestorm blowing through our industry. No checks and balances, just a wide-open door for John  and Jane Does to use the internet to spread falsehoods and whip-up unwarranted food scares, with the potential to destroy good food, damage company reputations, and kill jobs, as pink slime did when BPI shut down three factories. Nuts!