I don’t get it. I guarantee you, somewhere today people are gathering to ooh and aah at an Andy Warhol art exhibit, especially at his, um, 1962 masterpiece ‘32 Campbell’s Soup Cans‘. Look, I like Campbell Soup just like the next guy, big chicken noodle fan here, but why would people pay to stare at Campbell Soup cans? You can do that at Albertsons for free. I saw the exhibit years ago in Manhattan, wall to wall people, and I remember thinking, gee whiz, what is it that’s missing in these people’s lives that they feel compelled to stand here and stare with amazement at a bunch of Campbell Soup cans? Look, I love Oreos, but I sure as heck wouldn’t pay to walk into an exhibition and go gaga over a work of art called ‘32 Oreo Cookies.’ Well, maybe I would if they were also giving away real Oreos to eat. But the Warhol exhibit I attended in New York? Nada. Nothing. No free soup anywhere. Just that weird Warhol masterpiece and a couple hundred people standing in front of it. Please, someone, anyone, what am I missing here?