Why do Californians tolerate these insufferable nannies?

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The idiot politicians in California can’t help themselves, they can’t let a day pass without proposing some sort of new law or ordinance to… protect the children! Which is another way of saying, “Let’s make sure the little rugrats have no choice but to eat the basically tasteless food we now serve them for school lunch, by banning any food truck from being within 1500 feet of a school while school is in session …” The authors of bill AB 1678 want to ban food trucks because they say it “diminishes participation in the school nutrition programs” and “increases students’ access to foods and beverages that are calorie rich, nutrient poor and contribute to negative health outcomes like being overweight and obesity.” Which is saying what, that the little tikes don’t actually want the c**p the California Nannies are trying to shove down their throats? Gee, what are these purveyors of the Nanny State going to do about the c-store across the street, or the fast food joint just around the corner, shut them down too during school hours? I’m beginning to think the citizens of California are just plain dopey for allowing this kind of insufferable political oversight of the foods kids and adults eat.


‘Rappin’ on milk brings a sour taste

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Item: Music mogul Russell Simmons wants New York’s governor to pull the plug on milk from cows … Maybe what New York Governor Andrew Coumo really needs to do is tell this hip-hop mogul that milk may be a heck of a lot healthier for kids than some of his vulgar hip-hop noise. I swear, these vegans drive me nuts. Because Simmons, also an animal rights activist, chooses not to eat meat or drink cow’s milk, that obviously means we should all stop eating meat and drinking milk because, well, because he says so. It’s like the politicians telling us how to live and eat; some of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are fat guys themselves, and they’re lecturing us? As for Simmons, how’s this for genius lyrics — “I embrace y’all with napalm; Blows up, no guts left, chest/face gone; How could Nas be garbage?; Semi-autos at your cartilage”. Huh? Oh yeah, the man definitely has the cred to diss milk. Well, here is my lyrical response to Mr. Hip-Hop Milk Hater —  Yo, bro, Simmons, my man, throwing milk’s fair rep in the…trash can; well, hip-hop this, mister milk-hating eater of broccoli and beans, get outta my face and go back to your place and rap to your plate full of greens … with the rest of your uppity ilk, while I sit in my place, a big grin on my face, dunking Oreos in a mug full of milk…”